Who is TigerDRS?

TigerDRS is a trusted, leading voice & speech therapy products and services platform designed for personal and professional use, private practices, hospitals, clinics, schools, etc. Founded in 1992, our goal from the start was to help and improve those with speech, language, communication, brain disorders, etc. by offering products and services that focuses on individualized therapy.

Our innovative speech therapy programs provide easy accessibility from anywhere to anytime, providing anyone the opportunity to use it.

We believe that everybody deserves a voice and everybody should be given the opportunity to tell their own stories. That’s why we strive so hard to make this vision a possibility for everyone.

Our goal is to create a software and services platform that not only reaches professionals or clinics, but also reaches out to patients who are unable to seek out therapy or individualized help. We want to help build upon the progress made previously by patients and provide a method that allows families to work alongside with their loved ones in helping them improve.

We Are Here To Help

Our products and services focuses on improving Speech, Hearing, Language, Cognition,Vocabulary, Reading and Functional skills. We offer both offline and physical products (accessible without Internet) and online products (accessible with Internet/Wi-Fi).

Our products include

Comprehensive speech, voice assessment and training system

Offers professional voice and speech analysis, feedback, and documentation.

Our services include

Advanced cloud-technology platform

Focuses on offering a fun and engaging method to therapy through goal-orientated activities and games.

Our Founder

Daniel Huang, PhD

Daniel obtained his PhD in Speech and Hearing Sciences from University of Washington. He is the director of the Speech and Hearing Sciences key laboratory at East China Normal University in Shanghai, China. He has worked passionately with children and adults with acquired communication and swallowing disorders for many years and worked towards creating the Seattle Speech and Hearing Foundation.

Daniel has 11 patents and he has published over 10 books regarding speech and hearing sciences. A few to name are "Assessment and Correction of Speech Disorder", "Evaluation Criteria and Methods of Speech Function", "Principles and Methods of Rehabilitation Education for Deaf Children - Construction and Practice of HSL Theory and 1 + X + Y Mode". He has a number of published papers in various journals such as the Journal of Voice, Journal of Clinical Otolaryngology (ENT), etc.

TigerDRS is a trusted, leading voice & speech therapy products and services platform designed for personal and professional use.
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